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The Full MadShow

20 Feb

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Fundraising Campaign

21 Jun

Raising funds for our current project. Campaign finishes July 3rd.

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London Shows at No Format

20 Jun

The Foreigners’ Collective have been invited to create a dance performance  in the No Format Gallery space using their unique cross cultural collaborations. During residency the collective will be holding open rehearsals, welcoming the members of Second Floor Studio Arts to engage with their artistic process.

The Foreigners Collective will be in residency from the 9th of July and performances will take place the weekend of the 14th and 15th of July.


24 May

The latest happening of the Foreigners’ Collective :
by Delphine Jungman and Sophie Melis

Thus far, the project has been presented at three venues.

Bait Reik [translation, "empty house"]

This art exhibition in Jerusalem, Israel transformed an abandoned house into a vibrant and interesting space open free for the public to experience.

HNHD, in collaboration with plastics artists Hen Gundar and Shani Frankel premiered at Empty House 2 on April 9, 2012.

The performance shifted from room to room as the performers operated from the inner perspective of those people that once called this abandoned structure home. Their interactive movement and gestures lead witnesses to recognize their confusion in regards to why their home was suddenly filled with art exhibits and so many new faces. The dancers moved through the rooms perplexed as to why their bedroom was now a kitchen or their bathroom is now a stage.
Erupting from every nook in this house are new and original exhibitions transforming this deserted wasteland into a vibrant and thriving environment. The space now provides intrigue, entertainment and brings together a community of artists, neighbors and public. In the midst of this constructive advancement HNHD serves as a reminder, accounting the many lives of whom perhaps viewed this ‘deserted wasteland’ in contrasting light.

Without judgment in any direction, HNHD respectfully toys with the notion that all situations are innately subject to a multiple views and opinions.

The second event of HNHD took part in an art exhibition produced by the collective ‘Make Love Not Homework’; in Jerusalem on April 20, 2012.

HNHD participated in a third event, performing in a transformed abandoned synagogue for one night.

The Foreigners’ Collective

16 May

Color Note

16 May

Color Note

Color Note // Direction – post production & VFX from Jeremy Chicheportiche, dancer Delphine Jungman.

This collaborative video aims to illustrate how music can swing the black & white monotony of everyday life into colors, awakening powerful feelings from within.

After You’ve Gone Series #3: Hold Me Barcelona

3 Mar

‘Hold Me Barcelona’
created and edited by Irene Ruiz-Riveros
dancers: Alice Sunderland, Shaina Branfman and Irene Ruiz-Riveros.
thanks to: Michelle Premack, Lidia, Annushcka, Anna, Ona, Biel, Uri, Encarni, Emma, Raynald, Nuria, Laia, Dan, Martina and Lorca.
song by Lola Flores, no copyright intended.

“Boo” by Yael Kraus, choreography by Delphine Jungman

2 Mar

The stage is covered entirely by newspapers, a German woman comes in, talking fast and stressfully. She is holding arms with an American translator and as soon as it is obvious that the translation is not correct, they become mute and shift into a gestural conversation. A girl is sitting on the floor, absorbed by the newspapers since the beginning, tearing them slowly. She gradually becomes more and more affected by the impossible understanding of the news; this frustration plunges her into a tragic duet between herself and the papers…
The motivation for this work was sparked by a curiosity to investigate the seemingly hopeless nature of effective communication and understanding between people, based on the reading of Luigi Pirandello.

A female version of it.

17 Dec

Choreographer Sophie Melis

December 2010.

“It” was nothing like it’s female version.
“It”, was to involve men.

All the women involved were confronted with themselves, each other, and a camera for one afternoon only.
The challenge was to shoot and edit in 48 hours. Challenge fulfilled.
Whatever this is… it isn’t the way it should have been.

Though life does not always go as planned we must continue to press forward. It is at these times when we create works and ideas that perhaps otherwise would have never been conceived.




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