24 May

The latest happening of the Foreigners’ Collective :
by Delphine Jungman and Sophie Melis

Thus far, the project has been presented at three venues.

Bait Reik [translation, "empty house"]

This art exhibition in Jerusalem, Israel transformed an abandoned house into a vibrant and interesting space open free for the public to experience.

HNHD, in collaboration with plastics artists Hen Gundar and Shani Frankel premiered at Empty House 2 on April 9, 2012.

The performance shifted from room to room as the performers operated from the inner perspective of those people that once called this abandoned structure home. Their interactive movement and gestures lead witnesses to recognize their confusion in regards to why their home was suddenly filled with art exhibits and so many new faces. The dancers moved through the rooms perplexed as to why their bedroom was now a kitchen or their bathroom is now a stage.
Erupting from every nook in this house are new and original exhibitions transforming this deserted wasteland into a vibrant and thriving environment. The space now provides intrigue, entertainment and brings together a community of artists, neighbors and public. In the midst of this constructive advancement HNHD serves as a reminder, accounting the many lives of whom perhaps viewed this ‘deserted wasteland’ in contrasting light.

Without judgment in any direction, HNHD respectfully toys with the notion that all situations are innately subject to a multiple views and opinions.

The second event of HNHD took part in an art exhibition produced by the collective ‘Make Love Not Homework’; in Jerusalem on April 20, 2012.

HNHD participated in a third event, performing in a transformed abandoned synagogue for one night.

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